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A Thought from a Chaplain

A series of thoughts and reflections from the Chaplains and Trustees of KWM

Thursday 15th November 2018

Penny C

From Penny Culliford, YMCA Thames Gateway Chaplain

On Sunday 11th November at 11am, we once again stood in silence for 2 minutes, remembering. 11/11/2018 marks 100 years since the end of the "war to end all wars", yet wars continue and young men and women still die on active service and as a result of conflicts and terrorism.

While genuine efforts for peace on a world scale can only come through prayer, political solutions and diplomacy, we face the challenge of what we, as chaplains, can to bring fragments of peace to a world full of hatred and division. We buy and wear our poppies (red, white or purple), and pray and work for peace because Jesus said peacemakers are blessed, "for they will be called children of God".

Here is a story from the First World War about one man who, inspired by his faith, made a difference.

At the age of 59, Thomas Winter was too old for active service, so he went to work at one of the YMCA Huts - recreation, refreshment and support centres for frontline troops in Etaples, France. The soldiers called him "Daddy" because of his age and wisdom. His kindness, Christian witness and practical support brought some comfort to the young soldiers in the horrendous and seemingly unending dreadfulness of life in the trenches. The young men, missing their homes and families and facing daily death and carnage, benefited from the kindness of this father figure.

Until such a time comes when young men and women are no longer required to go to war, we can consider Thomas Winter's legacy - being where the need is, giving practical support and using our faith as a source of comfort for ourselves and others.

Penny Culliford, Chaplain