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A Thought from KWM

A series of thoughts and reflections from the Chaplains and Trustees of KWM

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Paul Buckley

Paul Buckley, KWM Trustee

Since I first started work in the 1970s the nature of work has been transformed by technological innovation and changes in workplace practice.

Gone are the days of 9 to 5 with a set lunch hour, morning and afternoon tea breaks. Letters no longer have to be sent to the typing pool. No more waiting in the queue to use the single photocopying machine that was used by all departments. Computers do not occupy high ceilinged rooms. Pensionable age has risen and you can work even longer if you want.

Today we work flexi-hours. Have personal computers that enable us to be typist, researcher and graphic designer from the comfort of our home. Mobile phones connect us to the world, allow us to catch on the latest sports results, or even watch a film. Technology has facilitated ‘just-in-time’ working be that responding to a consultation or deliveries to your local supermarket. And if you forget something you can always go on the web and order it with the option of same day delivery.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way we work and may result in changes to people’s regular place of employment as well as work practice.

For some change can be exciting and stimulating providing new opportunities whilst for others it can be a cause of fear and anxiety.

Christians believe in a God who loves us, is interested in our well-being desiring the very best for each one of us. This includes our work be that in a paid or voluntary capacity.

Chaplains are non-judgemental and impartial, working alongside people irrespective of their faith, culture or position in the workplace. Workplace chaplaincy seeks to improve the quality of life at work. When people feel valued, their productivity and quality of work is enhanced and co-worker relationships become more supportive.

In an ever-changing world where we do not know what is around the corner there is a continuing need for workplace chaplaincy and its benefits.

Paul Buckley
[email protected]