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A Thought from KWM

A series of thoughts and reflections from the Chaplains and Trustees of KWM

Wednesday 11th March 2020

When I look back to my teenage years, I remember even now individuals (“saints of old” as I call them) who took huge amounts of time to help me in my early Christian journey when I was seeking to find God for myself. They were men and women of faith who tried to answer my many questions, who patiently prayed for me, who supported me in practical ways and were always there to encourage and guide me though my formative years. At the age of 19 their faithful and long-standing prayers were answered when I eventually took the step of faith and asked Jesus into my life as Saviour and Lord. These folks cared for me and loved me just as I was, and that was clearly seen through the time that they invested in me over the years. As someone once said you spell “l-o-v-e” so often as “t-i-m-e”.

In the Bible text above Matthew also experienced someone giving their time to him. That person, of course, was Jesus. As a tax-collector and a collaborator with the Romans Matthew was used to people rejecting him and taking a huge dislike to him – even to the extent of hating him. However, on what he must of thought was just another day in his life, along came Jesus, not just wanting to speak with him and pass the time of day, but much, much more than that. Jesus wanted Matthew to follow him, for Matthew to become one of his Disciples. I can’t begin to imagine what Matthew must have thought and how he reacted, but we simply read that Mathew “got up an followed him”. In another Bible translation it says that Matthew “sprung up” and followed Jesus - such was the excitement that Matthew must have experienced.

For those of us in Christian ministry, undertaking ‘Gospel ministry’ daily, we all have different tasks to undertake for God. However maybe it is helpful to remember just two things as we go about our work...

1. God always has time for you and me. We are that important to him. Nothing that we have done or are presently doing will turn him away from us. In fact, God loves you and me so much that he gave us Jesus in order that through our repentance and faith in him, we can be part of His Heavenly Kingdom here on earth and in eternity as well! God wants us to know that we are loved by him.

2. Just as God always has time for us, do we make time for others? In our daily ministries are we always in a rush, always on our phones, always answering e-mails and going to seemingly never-ending meetings and committees, but never really being available to be with people and show them that we love them and showing that they are important to us by giving them our time?

Let our daily prayer be… “Loving God, as you have time for me, help me to have time for others and for you”.

In HIS glorious service,


Rev Paul Kerley
South Eastern Baptist Association Regional Minister