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Bexleyheath news

Bexleyheath Town Centre chaplaincy re-energised

One of Ray’s final duties before he left for stipendiary ministry in Yorkshire was to commission some chaplains at Christ Church, Bexleyheath.

Bexleyheath commissioning

L - R: Jane, Heather, Ray, Marilyn, Enzo, Prince and John

There has been a chaplaincy to the shops in Bexleyheath for quite a while and Jane Linington is one of the original chaplains (and the sole remaining chaplain). The chaplaincy is being re-invigorated with the input of Marilyn and John Ormes. They will be joined in the chaplaincy by Heather Bartley, who is Police Chaplain to the police station in Bexley.

The chaplains were supported in their commissioning by Enzo Morosini and Prince Brown-Engmann. They are both chaplains at Bluewater. The chaplaincy at Bluewater will be supporting the chaplaincy at Bexleyheath.

The chaplains are all volunteers and carry out their duties in their spare time.