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Volunteer Chaplain Application Form

This is for information only. Please click the link to download a PDF version of our application form.

Kent Workplace Mission Chaplaincy Service Application Pack - Position applied for: Volunteer Chaplain

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Chaplain for Kent Workplace Mission. Included in this pack is the job description and a personal skills checklist. We ask that you fill in the application form in as much detail as possible. This allows us to assess your suitability for the position.

Please note that we will require two references with this application. As soon as we receive the addresses for your referees we will forward a reference form onto them. Should you wish to see the references please mark your desire clearly on the application form. One of the references must come from someone in a leadership position in your place of Worship. If you are currently in a leadership position within your place of worship, the reference must come from someone in a supervisory position. The second reference must come from someone who can vouch for you and must have known you for longer than 2 years.

When reading through the job description and personal skills-list please do not worry too much about whether or not you meet all the requirements. We aim to provide all our volunteers with the support and training they need to successfully fulfil the role of Chaplain.We advise that you consider the job description and skills checklist carefully and prayerfully. If need be, discuss this with someone you trust and who knows you well.

The role of the Chaplain can be summed up using the acronym PAIR

P – Pastoral
Pastoral care is all about looking after the wellbeing of people. It is about drawing alongside someone, building a relationship and then being there if they need it. P is not proselytising. As Chaplains we are not Evangelists. It should not be your aim as a Chaplain to convert people. That does not mean that you leave your faith at the door. Rather your faith should shine through your actions rather than your words. Should the opportunity arise to explain your faith use it but you are there to care rather than convert.

A – Advice
Chaplains are not counsellors. But we are required from time to time to advise on matters. This may be to a manager who is struggling with an employee or to a guest that is lost in the centre. We also serve as advisors in matters of Faith

I – Impartial Witness
As a Chaplain you may well be asked to bear witness to events or interviews. Impartiality is an important aspect of the Chaplains role. You may be asked to serve as an advocate for someone but always bear in mind that you are only responsible to God in your actions. You are not in the employ of any one organisation and therefore can be objective and honest in what you say or advise.

R - Religious bit
As a Chaplain you serve as a representative of your faith. When people see you, as the Chaplain, they are looking at that Faith. As a Chaplain you may be asked to pray with people, you may be asked to officiate at religious ceremonies, you may even be asked to explain why you believe as you do. As Chaplains we come from a context of faith and offer support to those we meet.

Aspects of the role of a Chaplain include: Listening; Learning about the environment, the people you are serving work in; Engaging in conversations; Earning the right to be heard; Building trust relationships; Sharing both the good times and the setbacks people experience; Occasionally to stand by in times of Crisis; To reflect back to an organisation the Chaplain’s perspective, maybe asking difficult questions in an attempt to engage in constructive dialogue about the key issues.