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Registered Charity: 1105783

Registered Office:

Kent Workplace Mission,

c/o Larkfield Methodist Church,

New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent,

ME20 6PN

01732 220820

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                                            Larkfield Methodist Church

New Hythe Lane



ME20 6PN


01732 220820

Churches at Work

Many Faiths do not naturally engage with workers in the workplace. Kent Workplace Mission is committed to supporting workers to live the faith while at work. Can you, as a Church community, help us to achieve that goal? How can you, as a Church community, serve the community you live in and live  out your faith in the very community you worship in the heart of? Is the Mission of your local church in the heart of your  local community? How could your Church or Faith Group do mission in the local workplace and local economy?


Like most people going about their daily lives, it's the people we spend the majority of our time with that we turn to when we have questions that need to be answered. With pressure to work longer and longer hours, sometimes the people we see the most are our work colleagues and when we have a question about life itself we are more likely to turn to them for an answer rather than pop in to our local church, and so a workplace Chaplain offers an opportunity for those conversations.


But Chaplaincy is just one answer, and the Mission of the local Church should play a huge part in its locality, and the local economy. And this doesn't just mean opening up the Church Hall on a Tuesday night for the local Karate or Slimming Group.


Kent Workplace Mission has the desire to help you shape, and be shaped, by your local community - the community in which you worship, and the community which you should serve. We can help you to form partnerships with other local agencies and to work with people from other Faith groups for the benefit of those who live and work in the local area.


Our aim is to help you:

* Increase the number of Churches running community projects

* Increase the number of Churches working in partnership with each other, and increase the number of Churches forming partnerships with local agencies

* Increase the number of Church members volunteering in Church-run activities

* Increase the number of Church members volunteering in other community-based activities


Across the country there are a number of successful Church-Community projects that might be if interest to you.


Click on any logo to be taken direct to each company's website.


The Beat Project


Foodbanks run in association with the Trussell Trust  


Transition Towns  


Faiths 4 Change Projects


Community Gardens/Allottments


Cafe Church


Soup Kitchens


Advice Centres, such as debt counselling


Street Pastors


Livability: providing choices for disabled people


Community use of Church Halls


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation


The Womens' Institute


The Congregation (Undertaking research to 'get it right')


 Action for Children


Make Money Count

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