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Registered Charity: 1105783

Registered Office:

Kent Workplace Mission,

c/o Larkfield Methodist Church,

New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent,

ME20 6PN

01732 220820

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                                            Larkfield Methodist Church

New Hythe Lane



ME20 6PN


01732 220820

Faith @ Work

Christians can sometimes feel that they are a lone voice in their workplace, and may have morality issues regarding the nature of the work they do. Kent Workplace Mission can provide access to resources for coping with these challenges.



Work has been getting tougher for UK workers for years - whether you have Faith, or not. Longer hours, more pressure, less joy.



How do we create workplaces that are good to work in? Can Faith make that difference?



We support and promote the mission service of people of Faith, and in particular Christians, at their place of work. We are committed to helping Christians to take their faith into their place of work, and provide a platform where Christians can actively seek encouragement and support from their peers and their local Churches.



Using a variety of online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, we encourage Christians to support each other through prayer, encouragement, chat, and lively debates and discussions. We are able to run road-shows and host events where Christians can come together to meet over coffee and talk to each other, providing that vital support network. We are also here to listen to any worries and difficulties that you might be having in the workplace (albeit it a listening ear via an email, text message or online chat) and provide an impartial yet Biblical viewpoint on circumstances, as well as offer to pray for you and ask our network to also pray for you, if that is something that you would like.


Start by joining our facebook group as a place for an immediate chat!

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