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Kent Workplace Mission,
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Featured Chaplain

Gary Colville

What made you decide to become a Chaplain, and where do you do your chaplaincy?

I was asked to consider it and then invited to do it by my Bishop James Langstaff for Kent Police at Medway Station and then by the Kent Workplace Mission team for Medway Council. This I’ve done now for the past two years. Having been in public service for the past thirty eight years; three with Kent Police, eleven in the London Fire Brigade and now twenty four in the service of Christ- I wanted to be more involved with those working in the caldron of Public Service today.

Describe your typical chaplaincy day

There really isn’t one- it is different every day. The constant thing of course is to be there at the place where people work. It involves being there and being visible to people. Prayer is an important part of being there also - either with other staff or quietly and privately on your own. I meet with and discuss important and everyday matters with anyone who wants me to stop and chat. I’ve been able to arrange courses to help people manage their money better and their teenage children also. I was part of setting up a workplace choir that has just celebrated its first anniversary. I have also been involved in staff funerals, memorial services, baptisms and bereavement care. This past year we had the first of our staff Christmas concerts at the St George’s Centre at Chatham Maritime. We had an important service to remember Police staff who have died in service and the siting of a new North Divisional Memorial Wall in a PFI station. I’m very happy sitting in the staff canteens and just chatting with the wonderful variety of people there, and the coffee isn’t bad! My Chaplaincy support has extended to being with Medway Council staff sleeping out overnight to help the homeless. I should add that on this occasion it was also my wife Moira (pictured) doing the sleeping out, there were others also!

What is the best thing about being a chaplain?

The opportunity to be of some earthly use to those God puts you in the way of and never quite knowing what that may be. It’s about a personal fulfilment of a vocation to serve Christ in people at work.
Your chaplaincy is changing – can you describe what your new role will involve and when it will start?
On August 4th I’ll be licensed to a role as an Interim Minister in our Diocese and will be seconded to work for 50% of my time with Kent Workplace Mission over the next three years. With the Kent Workplace Mission Trustees and fellow Chaplains I’ll be seeking to develop and support all workplace chaplaincy across Kent, but particularly in the sector (my preferred word ‘stream’) of the Emergency services and Local Authorities.
I hope that as the time allocated to my Chaplaincy becomes fuller it will be more fruitful in our aims and objectives as Kent Workplace Mission.

How can the readers of this article support you and the chaplaincy that you serve?

I’d welcome your prayers and any practical support you might offer to help me network more effectively, to understand what is currently happening and where the streams of chaplaincy need to flow better into workplaces in Kent.

Please contact me initially through the contact page on the Kent Workplace Mission website.

Gary + Moira