Sainsburys Bexleyheath.

I have been fulfilling the role of Chaplain here for about 8 years having been trained and introduce by Dick Johnson. I go in most weeks for about one hour My visits used to be longer, but staff reductions and pressure on the remaining staff mean that there is less opportunity to talk to people as I go around. It is mainly a matter of showing a presence and being available to talk. Both managers and staff are under pressure. Clearly talking to those recenlty bereaved or with great problems is a challenge, but I find that through prayer, I am given great strength on these occasions. I enjoy being able to share people's joys as well as their sorrows, which I consider to be a privilege.

Paul Ayliffe. June 2013.

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Marks and Spencers Tunbridge Wells

Chaplaincy to Marks & Spencer in Tunbridge Wells started over 15 years ago with Revd Karen Street to provide a catalyst for chaplains to serve in other stores in the area. Karen has continued this for all that time and is (as far as we know) the sole remaining store chaplain in the Victoria Place shopping mall. She has continued to attend weekly, but as reported last year will retire in February 2014. We thank Karen for all that she has done in her chaplaincy in Marks & Spencer, Tunbridge Wells. It is hoped that contact will be made with the store to continue chaplaincy to this store.

Jacky Trice April 2014

Chaplaincy Service to Bromley High Street

My ministry as chaplain is part time. I also serve the Amazing Grace Church in Bromley as their pastor.

My days often start with an hour or two of personal devotion time mixed with some administration. Four days a week I have lunchtime meetings. Tuesday I meet with other pastors to pray for Bromley, Wednesday I facilitate a Bible Study in the Bromley Council offices for council employees. Thursday and Fridays I lead Bible studies in Starbucks and Coffee Republic. These are attended by people from many local churches…and some who attend no Sunday services at all. In the afternoons I often have meetings with leaders of the local police or fire services, or with business management and staff.

Because I serve 18 local churches, I have wonderful friendships with the leaders of these churches. Often during my week I will meet up with a number of them to chat, pray, and encourage them. Any new business that I hear of or see in town I pop in and welcome them to Bromley on behalf of the churches in Bromley. Regardless of their religious background I am usually able to gather the staff and pray for them, that their time in Bromley would be a blessing to them…and that they will be a blessing to us. Because the Amazing Grace Church gathers on a Saturday evening, it leaves me free to attend or minister in other churches in Bromley. What a privilege that is! Sundayevenings I facilitate an Outreach Meeting hosted by one of the McDonald’s Restaurants in Bromley. People who may have an aversion to attending meetings in religious buildings are often more willing to attend our meeting in McDonald’s…oh, we buy them a meal too!

Russell Chadwick

Usual office Hours
Monday: 10.00 - 13.00
Tuesday: 14.00 - 17.00
Wednesday: 10.00 - 16.30
Thursday: 10.00 - 16.00
Friday: Closed

Workspace Canterbury

Workspace is going well, having expanded from the High Street to include St Dunstan's area, and the commissioning of several new lay chaplains to augment the team - and consolidate congregational ownership. We remain ecumenical (with Methodist and Salvation Army input), though Anglicans are currently taking a lead due to the additional resource of our Assistant Curate Revd Chris Pickles, who is coordinating it all now. Reader Tessa Taylor is now lead chaplain at the Marlowe Theatre, and doing a great job building effective pastoral relationships. The theatre work is integral to the Workspace vision - though also part of Theatre Chaplaincy UK. We hope to find some funding support to ensure the development and long-term sustainability of this work - which would undoubtedly benefit from more resourcing.

Rev. Mark Ball

Sainsbury's, Sevenoaks

The Chaplaincy Service at Sainsburys in Sevenoaks has been operating for many years - since it was set up by Dick Johnson. I visit for two hours every eight or nine days and at different times of day so that I can meet with as many different staff as possible, bearing in mind their different shift patterns. I also see staff in between those different visits if required. I have been carrying out this mission for about ten years. I have posters placed about the staff rooms explaining who I am, why I visit, and informing staff of my email address, telephone number, and giving them the dates and times I intend to visit in the coming month. I have built up many friendships and it is a privilege to serve in this way at this store.

Margaret Lidbetter

Registered Office:
Kent Workplace Mission,
c/o Larkfield Methodist Church,
New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent,
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