Gravesham Borough Council

I continue to support a couple of individuals who I meet with on a fairly regular basis. Both have told me how helpful they have found these meetings. Unfortunately I have not been able to be around the council offices as often as I would like, however, the poster with my details are in the coffee areas on every floor and both the personnel department and occupational health are aware of my willingness to support staff members. My hope for the coming year would be to be around the Civic Centre more, and possibly recruit someone to share in this work.
Rev. Penny Marsh

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Medway Council - Gunwharf.

Medway Council Chaplaincy has continued to be a single handed yachtsman. There has been an expression of interest to help from Tony Dennis who works for the council. Also Medway Interfaith Action has also discussed supporting the Chaplaincy. It is my intention to try and get a few folk, hopefully including Tony, along to the next organised Chaplaincy training session and be there myself for refreshment purposes.
I have visited every week - mainly Gun Wharf, HQ for the council, but also a few other locations in Chatham and Strood. The response has always been warm and friendly. I have organised two sessions of the Making Money Count course which has attracted fourteen people. I also arranged a parenting session on teenagers, with five attending. I regularly attend the Christian prayer fellowship on a Thursday-
which now is down to just a few. people. I have supported several people dealing with the experience of a sudden death and have
helped to lead a memorial service. I was involved in arranging the Workers Memorial Day service in Rochester Castle Gardens
and also the Remembrance Day service for staff at Gun Wharf. I worked with staff to start up a workplace choir and continued to give my support until Christmas. The first staff Christmas celebration at the St George's Centre, Chatham Maritime was held shortly before Christmas
Fr. Gary Colville May 2014

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Abbeyfield Kent Society

'The Abbeyfield Kent Society (The Society) and Kent Workplace Mission (KWM) have joined together to develop a Chaplaincy Service which will offer the Society's staff some personal support and a ‘listening ear’ regardless of faith. It is hope that KWM will be able to provide impartial and confidential support to staff who contact them directly. The Society has arranged for Deborah and Ray Borrett to attend a Home Managers meeting in July to discuss how they can help staff with a view to hosting a Chaplaincy service at each of the Society's residential homes across Kent. This would replicate the already successful Chaplaincy service being offered at the Connors House Abbeyfield Residential Care Home. In the meantime an 'on call' chaplaincy 'hotline' is being operated.

Jill Redman, Audit and Compliance Manager.
May 2013

Connors House, Abbeyfield Kent Society

Chaplaincy has become an integral part of life at Connors House, the Abbeyfield Care Home in Canterbury. Last summer several staff left concurrently, as the local Army Barracks closed and wives moved with their army husbands elsewhere in the country. Over the autumn, new staff settled into the Home and stability has now been restored. This has meant the general atmosphere amongst staff is one of friendliness and co-operation and this has reflected on the well-being of the residents. Opportunities for me to listen and interact with both staff and residents have increased and many in-depth conversations have ensued. I visit weekly at varying times to see as many staff as possible, concurring with their shift patterns. With the help of my local church, we hold a Sunday service every month or so, and staff are keen to be of help. The office informs family members of when there is to be a service, and some come to share in worship with their resident family member. This is supportive and encouraging for the whole family. Chaplaincy is never predictable but always challenging. A snapshot of a day
in February … I was with a resident of 88, a professional artist still painting each day, when she asked me what would happen to her after she died. It was time to be concerned she said, due to her age. As more recent attendee at the Sunday service, she had been thinking deeply about her life and relationships, and wanted reassurance of God’s forgiveness and love for her. Following that encounter, a staff Carer got into conversation as he was making the tea, and asked me what prayer is and how it helps me.A little later a young Carer, visibly upset, told me of her step-father’s death just a few days earlier. She was finding it difficult attending to a resident who was repeating over and over, ‘I wish I was dead’. Normally she would have been able to cope. Quite soon after that, a lady from Care Quality Commission, who happened to be inspecting the Home that day, walked up to me, saw my Chaplains’ badge and remarked ‘Oh, you’re one of them’! We chatted about the Home generally and she seemed interested to hear about my involvement with Abbeyfield through Kent Workplace Mission. As the conversation ended she told me she was going to recommend in her report that a chaplain be placed in every Care Home. Not every Monday gives such rich opportunity for chaplaincy. But I am glad to be challenged, and know it is a privilege to be part of Kent Workplace Mission,
here at Connors House, Canterbury. Christine Barker

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