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Registered Office:
Kent Workplace Mission,
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New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent,
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Port of Dover

45 conversations Pastoral ministry
2 conversations Emotional/spiritual/private prayer
2 conversations Questions/teaching
43 conversations Death, dying, funeral
6 conversations Significant 'crisis'
350+ conversations Corporate act of worship

The Corporate Acts of Worship are the Memorial Service for the Herald of Free Enterprise, Sea Sunday and the Torch of Remembrance Services which touch many local people with sea or military connections. John Walker and David Slater were also involved in the civic Merchant Navy Day service and wreath laying.

Links with Dover Harbour Board enabled a strong presence at the Community Regatta, with seven different Christian stalls. This coincided with the busiest weekend for traffic and a French Immigration purge without additional personnel – resulting in long delays, and the need for pastoral support to both passengers and staff.

The chaplaincy is recognised as an important link to the community. Not only is it the only 'welfare' organisation on the Port Community Forum, but John Walker has just been appointed Vice-Chair. The newly formed ‘First Responders’ group for Shepway and Dover has David Slater as the only ‘Welfare’ representative. David has also been appointed the Chaplain to the Dover RNLI station, the first time it has been a lay person.

The Harbour Board recognised David’s work in establishing the chaplaincy by not only giving him their ‘Meritorious Service Award’, but choosing the National British Port’s Association conference to do it very publicly.

During the year David acted as supervisor to a chaplain from Heathrow Airport and to two ordinands training at Oakhill and Spurgeons Colleges.

The chaplaincy is particularly grateful to the support of Tim Waggott the Chief Executive of the Port of Dover and Richard Christian, our official link into DHB.

Whilst this report lists a lot of events and formal links, the real story of the chaplaincy is the people we meet and talk to. Those where we are gaining their trust, and in some cases rebuilding their trust in the church, helping to make disciples by giving a Christian example to some who may not have seen one recently, and like some Old Testament Prophets, giving messages of hope to those Christians who can feel trapped as exiles in the foreign land of the workplace.

David Slater