Easter Message

6th April 2023

Easter Message

The United Kingdom will soon be crowning a new King. For many of us, the only monarch we have known is Queen Elizabeth II, and “the Coronation” holds associations of street parties, old newspapers and black and white film footage. King Charles will be crowned in Westminster Abbey on Saturday 8th May by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dignitaries from around the world will gather and he will be anointed and presented with symbols of his reign, Royal Orb, representing religious and moral authority; the Sceptre, representing power; and the Sovereign's Sceptre, a rod of gold topped with a white enamelled dove, a symbol of justice and mercy. Finally, the gold crown, St Edward’s Crown will be placed on his head and people will kneel before him. As he leaves, the sound of cheering crowds will greet him. A great show of pomp, pageant and power.

At Easter, we think of another King. This King had no Kingdom in this world. He didn't live in a palace and was despised by the religious authorities. He was given no gold to symbolise his power, justice and mercy, but stripped beaten and insultingly given a purple robe to wear. His only crown was a crown of twisted thorn branches which cut into his head. The people who called out and knelt in front of him were mocking him. Then they crucified him. The King was dead.

But this was no ordinary King. This was Jesus, the King of Kings who died to conquer death and reigns in heaven with justice and mercy.

Earthly Kings and Queens will come and go, but Jesus Christ reigns forever.

It’s probably unlikely that any of us will get an invitation to King Charles III’s coronation, but we are all invited to celebrate the resurrection of King Jesus this Easter.

Happy Easter!





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